Sustainability Casabela Hotel, Ferragudo

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With such natural beauty blessing our resort location, it is no surprise that at Casabela Hotel we also take great pride in adopting a number of sustainable practices and we highly encourage our guests and team members to join us.

With that in mind, the management of the Casabela Hotel have implemented a Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility policy, in order to demonstrate to all our guests, team members, partners and the society in general, of the importance that some practices can have a very positive impact.

How we Deliver this Promise

• With training and awareness activities, as well as regular meetings with our team members
• By encouraging team members, suppliers and guests to join us in adopting environmentally friendly practices.
• Mini solar energy production plant which prevents the release of 150 tonnes of CO² per year into the atmosphere
• 80% of the hotel’s hot water is supplied by solar energy
• Pool heating is achieved through solar energy
• The hotel’s waste water plant is used for the irrigation of our gardens
• Rainwater cistern and collection system for irrigation use
• Compost pit
• Garden waste chipper
• Energy saving light bulbs
• Separation of ink and toners
• Separation of batteries and lamps
• Separation of rubbish/waste
• Environmentally friendly cleaning products
• Reuse of waste paper for internal documents and notes
• Collection of bottle tops to aid associations in the acquisition of equipment, wheelchairs, etc.
• Training of our collaborators
• We use organic products from our garden in the confection of jams and marmalades
Commited with the safety of our clients and associates, we received the Clean & Safe stamp for respect all the recommendations from Portugal's Tourism Board.